photo by Dovile Sermokas


BORN AND RAISED in the very east and small city of Görlitz, Chris’ childhood was musically a crossover of old jazz records from the parental selection and the late 90’s black music rotating on mtv and the local halfpipe. Classically trained in the early years and academically graduated in jazz later, he likes to sit down at the keys and synths in the middle of harmonic richness, relaxed timing and soulful melodies. With his taste and imagination of unique sounds and arrangements, Chris also produces and mixes music, always striving for developing an idea to a statement with  character. He finally lives and works in Berlin - and loves it.

WORKED WITH Namika / Yvonne Catterfeld / Max Giesinger / Nico Suave / Stefanie Nerpel / K.ZIA / Cosmo Klein / Rhani Krija / Céline Rudolph / Ingrid Arthur / Linda Hesse / KAIND / Seraleez / The SWAG / Stimulus / Red Child / Dorrey Lin Lyles / Lars Kutschke /  Tinka / Janda / Hobskur /  Small Town Artists /  Elblandphilharmonie / Boe van Berg / Futurum / Jarése / Blackbird Music Studios / Milk Music Group / Joris and a lot more...